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Making communities accessible

Both national and local governments see significant value in making public spaces and services more easily available to its residents. The challenge is that rental service operations usually demand a good deal of time and resources to manage. This often leads to overtime, additional costs, and poor user experiences. Inlet solves this by automating the entire process, saving both time and money.

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Make the city accessible

Imagine living in a city where you can access libraries, sports facilities, class rooms and conference rooms whenever you need it. It would be so much easier to throw a party, do volunteer work, organize a football game with friends or have a spontaneous business meeting on the other side of town.

This is what Inlet is all about. We help the public sector make their buildings and services more available, providing greater value to citizens, while potentially creating new income streams. Since we automate the entire process, it’s also extremely cost efficient.

Read about how Oslo municipality is making the city more accessible.

Different locks in the same system

Municipalities often have different lock systems across the buildings they manage. This complicates operations, while citizens need to use different apps and systems for different buildings and services.

Inlet solves this problem by gathering all different smart locks into the same system. Citizens can book and pay in the same solution, regardless if they book a basketball court or a classroom. They can also let themselves in, without having to wait around for a someone with a key.

Complete oversight

The municipality can access complete data about how the facilities are used. Over time you’re able to anticipate demand, plan ahead and even optimize maintenance. The maintenance staff can also let themselves in using the Inlet solution.

New revenue streams

Inlet can unlock new revenue streams. The solution allows you to rent out facilities where the costs would be too high with a traditional rental process. Anything that can be locked and opened can be made available to citizens. Toilets, classrooms, saunas, bike garages and basketball courts are just a few examples. Take a look at the public sauna in Fredevika for inspiration.

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