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Access Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

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There are an increasing number of smart solutions for the management and use of commercial real estate.

Through Inlet, you have the opportunity to connect one or more of these solutions to the access control system in the building. With our platform, you can cross-integrate top systems and access control systems.

This allows you to assemble various solutions into a comprehensive solution that suits your building. For example, if your building has a shared office space where tenants need to gain access via an app, but you also want to rent out specific rooms or connect to a smart building system at the same time.

Smart buildings offer incredible opportunities for intelligent control. By integrating Inlet with the building, the lights can be turned on as soon as a visit starts and turned off when one leaves. Heating, ventilation, and sun shading can be regulated according to when and how the building is used. This way, you can optimize the customer’s experience while simultaneously streamlining operations.

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