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We’re all about great customer experiences!

The idea behind Inlet came to life when the marketing and development agency Netron was asked to develop a complete hotel system. The system was to include a booking solution integrated with a lock system, so that access codes could be automatically issued to customers after they booked a stay online.

The intention was for the hotel to be operated as automatically as possible and for customers to have a better experience by not having to check in at the reception, stand in line, and hand in keys and cards.

Co-founders Thomas A. Wisur and Alex Grängfors got involved to further develop the concept and carry it forward as a new company. During the further development of the concept, it became clear that there are already countless good booking systems in the market. This realization would define Inlet’s future.

“Instead of building a competing solution, wouldn’t it be better to add something of value to the entire market?”

We scrapped our booking system and decided instead to do everything we could to enable the entire market to automate their customer experiences. Since then, we have focused our expertise on lock systems and how to create great customer journeys in various industries.

Our mission is to create more profitable businesses and a simpler everyday life for all their customers – all over the globe. We do this by creating great experiences for one customer at a time.

Today we work with all kinds of solutions within the control and automation of lock systems. We provide solutions for booking, member management, housing cooperatives, and property management.

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