Illustrasjon av mann som driver utleie med Inlet for bedrift

Automated rental business

Give your customers a simple and seamless customer journey. Let them book, pay and unlock on their own – with no hassle.

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Inlet automates rental businesses by connecting smart locks with booking systems. The customers can book, pay and access whatever they want to rent by themselves. With Inlet you can give your customers automatic access to hotel rooms, toilets, storage units or anything else.

Automated, self-service rental business

The Inlet ecosystem is designed with short term rental in mind. It lets you run your business automatically. You don’t need to deliver and collect keys, nor do you need to spend time coordinating with customers. Inlet does all that for you. Since your rental business doesn’t need any input from you, it becomes completely automated.

People who travel a lot often need to download different apps and use different systems while traveling. This shouldn’t be the case i 2022. We focus on creating easy and intuitive customer journeys.

In the cabin villages Favn and Yttersvingen the customers book online and receive a SMS with information and access codes. The unique codes give them access to common areas and other facilities, as well as their own room.


Another business case might be when customers require immediate access directly at the door, such as with public toilets or lockers. This can be done by scanning a QR-code at the location, and a moment later they receive a SMS with a link that opens the door when clicked. A great example of this is Göta Canals.

Smart solutions for buildings and cities

Inlet also works well with other smart technologies. In Fredevika we’ve programmed the sauna to start the oven 30 minutes before a booking. The sauna is nice and warm when you arrive, and no energy is wasted keeping it warm when it’s not booked.

Another solution we’ve made is an access system where visitors to an industrial building had to watch a safety brief before gaining access.

Smart city technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities. By integrating Inlet to a building you can regulate heating, ventilation, lights and windows to optimize for energy efficiency and customer experience.

Different segments


Accommodation is our largest customer segment and our solution is designed with the customers experience and safety in mind.
Inlet is used at apartment hotels, cabin villages, camping areas and alpine destinations.

Commercial real estate

We can offer solutions for renting out office spaces, function rooms and similar facilities. This can allow you to expand your opening hours or even turn a cost into an income stream. You have complete overview over how the facilities are used and the data can help you maintain your property more effectively.

Other resources

The Inlet solution can be used to rent out anything that can be locked and opened – automatically!

  • Gyms
  • Storage units
  • Bike garages
  • Car washes
  • Saunas
  • Sports equipment

Or something else entirely?

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