Lock Selector

Lock Selector

Use this form to filter lock and access control systems based on required use cases.
Disclaimer: This form is a tool meant exclusively for Inlet's partners, and only provides suggestions about possible locks and access control systems to research further.
With this tool, Inlet will suggest lock and access control systems that might offer the required functionality based on an ideal customer journey.
Inlet does not guarantee that suggested locks and access control system will be suitable for intended purposes.
Inlet will never recommend a lock system. This is the responsibility of a certified locksmith, electrician or similar.

About you - the Inlet Partner

Partner / Sales Representative Name
Partner / Sales Representative Name

About the customer and their business


Starting point

Do you already have digital locks installed?
For example: Assa Abloy, Salto Systems, Dormakaba, Bravida, RCO, Tidomat, Simons & Voss, Vanderbilt, Siemens, igloocompany or others.
This is regarding the access control system software.
Do you already have a preferred lock smith or other installation provider??
Does your location have access to reliable electricity?
Click yes if the locks can be connected to the electrical grid. Click no if battery-driven locks are required.
Does your location have access to a reliable internet connection? (Wi-Fi/4G/5G)
Click yes if online solutions are viable. Click no if the location requires offline solutions.

Lock system requirements

How do you want customers to open the locks? Choose one or more options.
Access codes is automatically sent to customers. Hyperlink and QR codes can often be used when there are no code panels available. Locks can also be opened directly in an app.
Does your customers need access to multiple doors in their booking? (Entrances, Common areas or similar)
Click yes if there are multiple locks which need to support the same code for a given customer. This could be an entrance which needs the same code as an apartment, or similar.
Does multiple customers need access to a lock at the same time? (Entrances, common areas, multiple guests or similar)
Click yes if a lock needs to support multiple codes at the same time. This could be an entrance used by multiple tenants with different access codes.
Do you want to receive data about the lock's online / offline status?
If you click yes, you will only see systems who can provide notifications if an error happens or a lock goes offline.

Bookable objects

If there are no bookings in the customer journey, but there are locks opened on-demand, put bookable objects to 0.
Set to max if more than 100 objects

Locks to be automated

Set to max if more than 100 locks

Anything else?