The Oslo Key

Oslonøkkelen app

The Norwegian government has asked municipalities to make their buildings available for use by the citizens. Classrooms, gyms and venues are spaces that can provide a lot of value to citizens, but mostly they're left empty when not used by primary users. By making publicly owned buildings more accessible we can make space for people to participate in the local communities by doing volunteer work or organizing past-time activities and events. To accomplish this at scale, the public sector needs effective solutions. That why Oslo municipality created The Oslo Key (Oslonøkkelen).

The Oslo Key is a digital key that grants the citizens access to different buildings and services around the city. You can download the app on iOS or Android, and log in using BankID. You see an overview of the different facilities you can access in the app. When you're within 50 meters you can open the door directly from the app. The solutions is created by Oslo Origo which is an organization that works on digital services for Oslo municipality.

Inlet connects The Oslo Key to the locks in the buildings, so that the doors open automatically when a citizen access it from the app. The first doors are getting activated this year and we're working continuosly to make more buildings available in the future.

In the video below you can see how it works. The video is in Norwegian.

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